· Plantation Drive

· Plantation drive from Bata Chowk to Pyali Chowk on the middle of the main road.

A Clean & Green Drive has been initiated by Shri S.S. Banga, Chairman, Clean & Green Panel during the month of November, 2022.

The members were requested that while testing the fire extinguisher installed in the factory, the water stored in it can be put to good use by sprinkling it on the plants and the surrounding area.

members have participated very actively in the drive.

FIA’s Clean Green Panel launches a campaign for plant 25000 saplings

Saplings have been made available for all at the FIA office

Selfie with plantation campaign started from 5th June to 7th July, 2023.

On the first day (5th June, 2023), around 16 companies participated in the campaign and planted 1650 saplings.

Shri Narendra Aggarwal, President, FIA has always been aware of the environment and efforts have been made to make different places green along with creating awareness on various occasions, this year our aim is to plant a large number of trees in Faridabad in association with the industrial unit as well as other institutions through the Selfie with Plantation – 2 campaign.