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Membership Benefits
  1. Serve all the members of the Association without any profit or consideration.
  2. A strong platform to put across concern/suggestion to local administration/ State Govt. & Central Govt.
  3. Diffusion of useful knowledge and information by holding seminars on general, industrial and technical interest to the members on different subjects.
  4. Diffusion of useful knowledge and information about all aspects of economic development with particular reference to the industry and trade.
  5. Diffusion of useful knowledge through the issuance of circulars containing knowledge and information about the policy changes at the level State or Central Government and such other information as affects the members.
  6. Diffusion of useful knowledge, advice, information & guidance from guidance from experts on issues related to Labour, Pollution, Power, Sales Tax, Central Excise, Provident Fund & ESI.
  7. Diffusion of useful knowledge to its members by providing to the members a common forum for pooling and sharing their experiences and problems in their field to identify solutions.
  8. Interactive meeting with Govt. Officers from all concerned departments.
  9. A Complimentary Directory to all members with details of all members.


  1. The Duration of membership shall be during the existence of the Association unless terminated as hereinafter provided.
  2. The membership shall be terminated if the industry changes its name but shall not be terminated if the constitution of the firm changes.


  1. It shall be terminated if the member is declared insolvent.


  1. It shall be terminated in case the member resigns.


  1. It shall be terminated in case the firm closes operation.


  1. It shall be terminated by a majority vote in the Executive Committee meeting called for the purpose where at least 60% of the members are present. In this case the members concerned shall have full right to make an appeal which shall be heard by the General Body of the Association where decision by 80% majority shall be final.


  1. The membership shall automatically stand terminated if annual subscription is not paid prior to the closing of the financial year.


  1. Any Member, whose membership is terminated in any manner, shall forfeit all interest in any funds or other property belonging to the Association.




  1. Member on joining the Association accepts the principles and objects of the Association and submits himself to and agrees to comply with and be and bound by the constitution and rules and regulations of the Association and under these conditions alone is entitled to the privileges of the Association. No member shall be absolved from observance of the Constitution and Rules and Regulations of the plea that he has not received a copy of them.


  1. On becoming a member of the Association, Member-Industry nominate one of its Senior Executive/ Partners/Managing Director as they deem fit to represent it on the Association and he shall be called as Nominated Representative and only the nominated representative can stand for election to the Executive Committee of the Association.


  1. Any Change in the Nominated Representative in case of a public or private limited company should be done by the Managing Director or Director of the Company.


  1. In case any Company/Firm/Association desires to change their Nominated Representative they can do so in writing to the Association on or before 31st March of each year.